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Join a day of various approaches and perspectives on regaining inner balance!


Back to Balance includes body, mind and spirit. Everybody has different keys to unlock the door that leads to their path. For some it is yoga, meditation or breathwork, and for others it is dancing, fitness or spiritual embodiment workshops. Many people lost the connection to themselves, especially due to living in the city and adopting lifestyles that are not in accordance with their true selves. Overwhelmed by so many impulses, lights and distractions, and one of the strongest factors – stress – brought us the imbalance that is displayed throughout our society.

We are looking forward to offer you an opening ceremony with live concert, six different workshops, a liberation dance with cacao ceremony and a colorful program for children. There will be a delicious vegetarian/vegan buffet for you including a water-bar with various essential oils as well as a bazaar. You will have the opportunity to enjoy individual treatments such as various massages, energy healing and other sessions in the healing area.

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Fire Stage
11:11–12:00 // Opening ceremony with Paula Paulita
12:00–13:30 // Open Yoga Flow with Paula Paulita
13:30–14:00 // DJ Nugi
14:00–15:30 // Rock your Body, Rock your Mind with Pierre Samuel Naquet
15:30–16:00 // DJ Billie Jean
16:00–18:00 //  Vajrayana Tantric Inner Alchemy with Vajra Seba
18:00–18:30 // DJ IZN (Zero Gravity)
18:30–20:00 // Cacao Ceremony with Miriam S. Koller
20:00–22:00 // Liberation Dance with Antara Dakini & DJ Anima Atina
22:00–22:30 // Soundhealing Session with Michi

Water Stage
12:00-13:30 // Selflove workshop with Barbara Aurora Illumina
14:00-15:30 // Contact Improvisation with Bine Nuumad
16:00-18:00 // 
The healing power of conscious breathing with Krista Gilda

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy individual treatments such as various massages, energy healing and other sessions provided by our professionals.
Individual Sessions are NOT included in the Ticket Price!

Market | International Vegan Food | Chillout | Fire Place
with MAGU CBD, Pirates Vienna

10:30–18:00 // child care with kids yoga, mindfulness,
face & bodypaint, animal movement


Datum & Uhrzeit
3. Juli 2022
10:30 23:00

USUS am Wasser, Kulturdeck

An der Neuen Donau 1
1210 Wien
--USUS am Wasser, Kulturdeck--
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